NOWNESS - Tim Plamper

Tim Plamper is a Berlin based german artist whose main medium is drawing. (
I got the chance to interview him and document the preparation of his solo exhibition "Zone" in Paris - Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, autumn 2017 (09.09. – 07.10.2017).
But what started as a normal documentary quickly became a journey in the artist's unique world when we began to question the form of the documentary itself.
The art, the process, the vision and the artist's words all merge with the visual language of this film as their online container to deliver the closest feeling to experiencing what inhabits Tim Plamper's singular mind.
Words by Tim Plamper (
Directed, shot and edited by Maison Vignaux (
Voice over recording by Florian Von Keyserlingk at SLGH Berlin
Original music and sound design by Moritz Staub (
Model : Vanessa Wittig